Storyboarding Templates

storyboardSo, you’ve done a needs analysis and determined a video would be the most appropriate format for a particular training need. You also know that these videos need to be short enough to be made available as a Just-in-Time (JIT) resource that can also be viewed on a mobile device. Now what?

Storyboard. Storyboarding multi-media training assets is important because it helps organize the team and provide a blueprint for future reference. If the team changes (or the needs change) we would be able to make alterations without losing the originally intended learning experience.

In 2015, I looked for a decent template to storyboard videos and elearning modules but couldn’t find a suitable one. After collecting 4 or 5 different ones available online I decided to combine the most useful parts of each. I then used this template to layout important steps/stages, keep important notes, plan call outs, estimate duration, etc.

I’ve posted a sample of this template below. Please feel free to download and use it for your own purposes.

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And here is a template for training module development. You’ll notice that a couple columns have been added to support it: Media Type and Interactions & Branching.

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