SBEC Online Training

In 2012 I combined Wordpress, SCORM Cloud, and a membership application to create an online training platform for use by busy English learners in China. After a couple years of running a hotel English program across multiple locations in the city of Zhuhai, I took my training content and built a web-based version of it.

The training modules were bilingual and well received by a Chinese audience. This is important to note because the design of the 20+ modules I built for this endeavor were not exactly model candidates of elearning. They were incredibly wordy and the media used was often redundant; however, this project was a tremendous undertaking. I built the platform, I built the training modules, and signed a deal with a consulting partner in Guangzhou to help market it.

SBEC (Social Business English Course) was sold as a blended learning English program for busy Chinese managers. Companies that wanted to provide English training to their staff in disparate locations signed up for the course and consumed the modules at their own pace. Every 2-3 weeks we would meet in person at the company’s office to apply the recently studied content.