Program Evaluation – Investing in the PRD

In 2009 I completed an advanced degree in Learning and Knowledge Management Systems (MS, LKMS). One course, Program Evaluation, provided me the foundational knowledge necessary to carry out summative and formative evaluations on existing programs. And I completed this requirement while in China with the help of a local business contact.

The goal of this summative evaluation (although the result was formative) was to determine whether the investment promotion activities of the Zhuhai Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau was providing enough added benefit to potential investors to justify their expense. I interviewed Zhuhai bureau employees, outside foreign investment experts, as well as new and past investors in Zhuhai.  A full executive summary can be read on page 4 of the final report.

Download the report: InvestingPRD2009-Piscopo

This 77 page report was simultaneously commissioned by a British-owned foreign investment agency that has since closed their doors. Not only does this report provide insights for prospective investors, but it also provides detailed recommendations on improvements that could be made on the foreign investment process by the Bureau itself.