Job Aid for Worldshop.US

In 2009 I built a component of an Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) for order fulfillment at, a representative buyer platform for interesting gifts from Asia. This flash-based job aid allowed for branching as the fulfillment specialist moved through the steps of buying, packaging, completing customs requirements, and successfully shipping products.

This job aid was able to provide a basic level of self-guided support to a Chinese assistant. It enabled “day-one performance” which is the idea that novice users should be productive on the first day they start using the system (Gery, 1995). This job aid was also a successful provider of “…performance and learning at the moment of need” (Gery, 1991).

Job Aid Tool

Click this image to click through this flash-based tool

This was a school project that I was able to complete for credit as well as meeting the needs of a small business. Since this was an independent support module it was not connected to an actual performance support system. In theory, it should exist as a component of an EPSS and enable performance of novice or “unskilled” employees.